Most Popular Instagram Hashtags

Being able to share photos on the Instagram community and across social networks is very important today. One of the best ways to get more followers on Instagram is to create innovative and fun hashtags for your photos so that potential followers will see more of your photos and decide to follow you. When you create the hashtags, you should think about categories that others are not using as well as common words. When you combine these types of categories, you are likely to get more followers.  Also choose hashtag categories that may appeal to your target group of followers. For example, if you own a vinyl records online store, you would use hashtags that pertain to old-school music in particular. Here are other popular hashtags.


  • If it is summer and you take a lot of photos during this season, create hashtags that pertain to summer activities and other topics that relate to summer.
  • If you got married last summer and uploaded wedding photos to your Instagram account, use hashtags such as “summer wedding”, “bridal shower”, “summer wedding reception” or “summer party”.
  • For those who go camping in the summer, use hashtags such as “summer camping”, “camping” or “summer vacation.”


  • This is one of the most popular Instagram hashtags because generally people like to see photos of couples in love. If you are a freelance photographer who has a huge portfolio of these photos on Instagram, you should create a “love” hashtag.
  • Also include pictures of parents with children, grandparents and grandchildren and groups of friends in the “love” hashtag.


  • This is an extremely popular hashtag for Instagram users and within this category you can include just about any photo for this category. Be sure to include your most unique photos rather than the traditional photos such as flowers and trees.
  • Take pictures of your children while they play board games or while they are eating their favorite foods.
  • Include pictures of foods you prepared for others if you are a personal chef as many people love food photos.
  • Post pictures of senior citizens in your family as they have a timeless beauty about them.


  • The hashtag “Instagood” usually means any photo that is excellent and great for users to see.
  • For this category include photos that will have an universal appeal to others.
  • These photos could include Thanksgiving dinners, children opening Christmas presents, people swimming in the pool, couples hugging and kissing, children playing and every day people sporting their favorite fashions.


  • When you use this popular hashtag, you create collages of your most unique photos for others to see.

Instagram is a popular photo app that lets people take funny and sometimes reflective photos to share with others. The neat thing about Instagram is that you are able to download these photos to the computer and print them out so you can create a portfolio if you are a photographer.

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