How to Save Instagram Photos to Computer

If you recently took beautiful Instagram photos but you know everyone else will like the photos you took on the phone, you can save the photos to your computer and then print these photos for loved ones to remember for many years.  In order to save your photos to your computer it would be a good idea to locate a good online backup service that lets you backup all of your Instagram photos and export them into a zip file. This ensures permanent storage of the photos. Here are other methods of saving Instagram photos to your computer.

Save The Photos With Instaport

  • First you should visit Instaport’s website and enter your Instagram account information.
  • Once you do this all of your photos will show up on the computer and you would press the export button, and you will have them sent to your e-mail in a zip file.

Instabackup is Good for Those With Mac Computers

  • If you have a Mac, you should use Instabackup  because this offers a great way for you to save Instagram photos to your Mac.
  • You will need to log in the website with Instagram account information then choose how you want the files to be backed up
  • Once you do this you click on the backup feature, and the photos are saved to the computer.

Free Instagram Downloader

  • To download the Free Instagram Downloader, you should locate a credible website that has this software.
  • After you do this you press the “Download” button and after this you would enter the Instagram account information.
  • Your photos will be saved to the computer.

Your Kids and Saving Instagram Photos

  • To keep your kids safe while they use Instagram, here are safety tips for saving photos to the computer.
  • Always get your kids’ Instagram account information so you will be able to see which photos they are taking and saving to the computer.
  • Do not allow kids to use online backup services for their photos without your permission

Use Social Folders or Copygram to Save Photos to Your Computer

  • When you use Social Folders  or Copygram, you will be able to save the photos to your computer
  • To access either one of these sites, you would log in to the site with your Instagram account. After this your photos will be saved.

Download Instagrille

  • Here is how to save Instagram to your Windows PC by using software called Instagrille.
  • The first step is to download Instagrille to your computer
  • After this you would enter your Instagram account information
  • Verify your Instagram account.
  • Start the installation process.

If you want to share your Instagram photos with relatives and friends without the hassle, you can save all of the photos to the computer by using online backup services or downloading software designed to let you save and view the photos.

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