How to Delete Instagram Photos

If you are not satisfied with the most recent photos you took or if you want to make room for new Instagram photos, there are several ways to delete the photos from this app on your phone and on the computer. If you have friends who are skilled at doing this, ask them for advice. Another idea is to read a few online tutorials on the subject. Before you delete the photos, it would be a good idea to look through them carefully so you will not delete your favorites by accident.

General Steps

  • Log in your Instagram account
  • Click on the navigation area of Instagram
  • Search for the photos you want to delete and click on those
  • Click on the “Options” button
  • Click Delete and confirm the decision

What If I Want to Delete Photos and Instagram Account?

  • Now that you deleted all of your Instagram photos, here is how you can delete your account.
  • The first thing to do is go to Instagram’s website and log in your account.
  • After you do this you will see a link that lets you delete the account.
  • Click on this link and your account will be deleted. You will also be asked why you want to delete the account.

How Do I Backup My Photos To A Computer Before I Delete Them?

  • Find a website that lets you backup and store all of your Instagram photos.
  • Log in to the website using your Instagram account information.
  • Transfer and backup all of the Instagram photos on the hard drive and the online backup service.
  • Delete the photos from Instagram on your mobile phone.

How To Choose Which Photos To Delete?

  • Decide on which photos are the most important to you and why
  • If the photos are not very attractive or have no real purpose, you should delete them
  • Keep the photos that are good for promoting your services and products
  • Delete photos of ex-lovers, ex-spouses or unflattering pictures of yourself that you would be too embarrassed to show to others
  • If the photos are at least two years old, delete them unless they have sentimental value.

When Not to Delete Instagram Photos

  • If you are a landlord and you want to document damage that was done to your home, you should not delete the Instagram photos.
  • If you were the victim of a housebreaking, you want to keep the photos and use these as evidence.
  • Important memories of family events

It is never good to have an overload of photos in your Instagram database because it keeps you from taking new and exciting pictures. Before you take new pictures after deleting them, only look for places, people and things that are of the most importance and that you can print out and let others see.

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  1. Haley Elting says:

    How can I delete the photos on my ig from my computer? I don’t have the app, just the website

  2. james says:

    I am very keen to know if deleting photos from my instagram account, the corresponding photos on my friends account will be deleted. (ie: I have two bad photos that I have deleted at my end, but I would also like them to be removed on my friends account. If not then by deleting my account totally will that remove those photos.
    Many thanks

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