How to Deactivate Instagram

There are a few things to do if you want to deactivate your Instagram account. For the most part it is a very simple process that removes all your images and gets rid of your account. You should make sure you have saved your images via photostream or elsewhere if you ever want access again as the photos will be gone once you have turned it off. The site clearly lays out the conditions. You will never be able to create an account with the same username again and your images will be gone forever. This means there is no going back once you complete this process. As long as you have your images backed up, it is really no big deal.

  • First, visit the online Instagram website. Instead of going into the login page, go directly to the deletion request link here, as this will save you a number of steps.
  • If you are not instantly logged in, enter your username and password. If you are logged in it will go straight to the next step.
  • You will now see the “Remove Your Account Page” where they will tell you how sorry they are you are choosing to delete your account. You will choose a reason and enter your password again. This is a protection mechanism for those who leave their account logged in all the time. Someone then cannot get on your computer and delete your account without knowing your password.
  • Read the harsh warning about how you can never get these images back and your account name is gone forever.
  • Click the button that says “I understand, deactivate my account.” This completes the process.

Now while this has completely ended your Instagram account, you also need to remember you have likely downloaded apps in various places. You have connected your Facebook page and other social networking sites. Once you stop posting from there it really doesn’t affect anything but you can go into each of your social networking sites and under “account” remove “Instagram” as an allowed entity. On your phone, tablet or other devices, in order to fully get rid of Instagram, simply delete the application. If you back things up to your computer or your “cloud” you should delete it there as well. While these will not affect anything, they take up unnecessary space.

Instagram is a fun little app and getting rid of it is not difficult on the surface. Remembering to remove all the little footprints is the tricky part. If you have any kind of auto-loading or auto-updating features you will likely get a few error messages once the account is taken down. Once you have gotten rid of all the apps and all the connections to Instagram it will all stop. You can always sign up for Instagram again down the road, it will just have to be under a different user name. You may also have to use a different email as well.

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